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ImageQuest LLC

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Banks Choose ImageQuest for their Predictable Managed IT Model, Focus on Cybersecurity and Expertise in IT Compliance Services

At ImageQuest, we want our banking friends to thrive with strong technology, IT compliance, cybersecurity and be proactively ready for any IT examination you face.

Our services include Managed IT Services, IT Risk Assessment, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Vulnerability Assessments, Penetration Testing, Security Training, Examination Preparation and Support, Virtual CISO and Consulting.

We think it is important to build relationships, to do a deep dive with our clients to really understand your business and technology needs and build your trust as a valued advisor. We think of our relationship with our clients as invested partnerships.

When you contact us, we will listen to your needs, assess your current situation based on our experience, and offer you solutions tailored to your particular bank’s needs. It may be a SIEM, it may be a risk assessment – or we might suggest you power up your productivity with full managed IT. It just depends on where you are – and where your bank is going.

There are many elements to an efficient technology platform and just as many solutions. Our account managers focus on “doing the right thing” for our clients. We don’t let you cut corners or seek the lowest-cost solution. But we do help customers get the best solutions, whether it’s our in-house solution or another option.

We work to provide what’s best for YOU. We have lots of happy customers – and we can prove it. Give Jay Mallory in Louisville a call to learn more.


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Mr. Jay Mallory
Jay Mallory
Executive Vice President
ImageQuest LLC
(615) 499-7800
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