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The Kentucky Bankers Association and its wholly owned subsidiary, KBA Services, Inc. (KBAS) are bringing Kentucky banks a great opportunity to participate in the sale of title insurance. In the next several years, the delivery channels for these products will be evolving quickly, and the KBA is here to facilitate our members' entry and participation in these markets. We want to help you take advantage of this exciting opportunity for increased profits without the hassles of the administrative management of the agency.

Title Insurance Overview
Title insurance represents a very profitable fee income opportunity when structured and organized properly. The Kentucky Bankers Association and KBA Services have chosen to work with Investors Title Insurance Company of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Investors Title Insurance Company has over five decades of experience working with lender-owned title agencies. They currently work with 24 multiple bank-owned agencies in Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Virgina and West Virginia.

Multiple bank-owned agencies are generally owned by 10 to 25 banks. The agencies are structured as limited liability companies. Banks are offered ownership based on their asset size and loan volume relative to their peers that invest in that agency. Typically, the ownership that a bank has in an agency ranges from 2 to 18 percent. Total start up capital required has ranged from $150,000 to $400,000. Consequently, at 15 percent ownership the initial capital investment for each participant would range from $22,500 to $60,000. New agencies historically have reached profitability on a cash basis by the fourth or fifth month of operations, initial capital has been completely returned to owners within the first eighteen months and dividends in the next year of operations have doubled the original investment.

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Title Insurance Agency Program (Multi-Bank Owned)

The Peoples Bank of Marion, Glasgow, KY

"The staff at the Title Center of Greater Kentucky is great! They are always helpful and willing to provide assistance with a variety of needs. The staff is friendly, courteous, and their professionalism helps the bank to provide a valuable service to our customers. The products offered by the Title Center of Greater Kentucky and their training are invaluable to a community bank."
Mr. Terry L. Bunnell

Mr. Terry L. Bunnell, Chairman/President/CEO

River City Bank, Inc., Louisville, KY

"We were not met with resistance when we informed our attorneys of the product. They understood we would still be going through them for title searches so they quickly jumped on board. In River City Bank's market area it is fairly normal for the lender to request or require title insurance. Customers have not resisted the product due to the number of foreclosures that have taken place in the last 4 years. Many understand the need to have peace of mind when making a purchase as expensive as real estate."

Mr. Robert Bartlett, CFO

Hyden Citizens Bank, Hyden, KY

"It has been a great experience for us to be associated with Kentucky Title Center. The big difference with Kentucky Title Center from other agencies is the willingness of the employees to work through issues that may arise with the different parties involved with a transaction. They have the knowledge and experience to deal with complicated situations. Working with Kentucky Title Center is a total win in providing needed service to our customers. A quality benefit to our customers, protection to the bank, and working with a group of bankers in a professional atmosphere is outstanding. The staff at Kentucky Title Center is first rate and focused on great support to out bank. "
Mr. William F. Brashear, II

Mr. William F. Brashear, II, President/CEO

The Cecilian Bank, Elizabethtown, KY

"We do our best in removing the burden of processes and procedures from our customers on the front line and placing those duties in the background. With Kentucky Title Center we are accomplishing that goal every day and their excellent response time and attention to details allow us to know that we and our customers are protected in every real estate transaction."
Mr. Greg Pawley

Mr. Greg Pawley, President/CEO

United Cumberland Bank, Somerset, KY

"As a lender, it gives me peace of mind knowing that TCGK is in my corner. With their team of experts, it gives me that comfort level when executing real estate transactions, that my lien is going to be valid and secure. They are always there to help."

Mr. Steve Bray, Branch Manager, VP Market Leader



Mrs. Selina O. Parrish
Selina O. Parrish
Director of Membership
Kentucky Bankers Association
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Ms. Norma B. Carroll
Norma B. Carroll
Vice President
Investors Title Insurance Company
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